Fleetview’s Vehicle Management Services module helps you see what is going to happen rather than what has happened and thereby empowering you to make strategic decisions to protect your fleet. It helps you enhance your fleet operations by providing real time actionable intelligence to take charge of your supply chain. VMS is a comprehensive part of Fleetview that takes the most relevant parameters regarding the vehicle and provides you with right information at the right time.


Seamless Integration with your ERP

Fleetview’s Vehicle Management Services module can be easily integrated with your ERP thus providing more efficiency and better visibility towards fleet management.

Customizable to suit your needs

Fleetview’s modules can adapt to any business model or process without much customisation to provide maximum utility and enhance fleet management.

Delay Control & Time Management

Vehicle Management Services includes optimisation of loading and unloading delay, vehicle downtime delay and overall vehicle time utilisation.

Maintenance Management

VMS provides a comprehensive Maintenance management module which gives the user timely and actionable maintenance insights to ensure a healthy fleet and improve the asset lifecycle.

Fuel Management

Fuel Management module of VMS enables the user to keep track of the fuel efficiencies and also provides valuable inputs to save costs associated with fuel consumptions.

Efficiency Control

With Fleetview’s VMS, the user has complete control over avenues that contribute to a fleet’s efficiency thus helping businesses reduce their operational costs and maximise revenue.

Accident Management Centre

VMS with its accident management module assists businesses in a situation of an incident with valuable insights such as Incident Data Recreation, Graphic Representation, Speed Time Analysis, and many more. These insights also reinforce insurance claims and reduce the frequency of such incidents in the future.

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