The route selection of a fleet journey affects the costs incurred by the organization extensively. Fleetview’s Route Map Pro takes all the necessary parameters into consideration and empowers you to select a safe, secure, and a cost effective route for your fleet journey in the supply chain. It enables users to take data driven decisions to save unnecessary expenditure.


Route Hazard Identification

Route Map Pro with its location based capabilities identifies hazardous zones in your fleet journey and enables you to take strategic decisions ensuring utmost safety and security of your fleet.

Real Time Monitoring & Violation Alerts

Get unprecedented and seamless access to your fleet’s whereabouts & status at all times through Fleetview’s Interactive Dashboard. Also get real-time alerts on violation of any preset route parameters which enables you to take instant decisions and save costs.

End-to-end Route Planning

A comprehensive route plan can be developed with the help of Route Map Pro based on the most relevant and prioritized parameters for your product enhanced with real time actionable insights.

Optimum Route Selection

Route Map Pro collects relevant data, analyses it and gives you the most optimum route for your fleet journey in the supply chain saving your costs as well as time involved.

Seamless Integration with your ERP

Fleetview’s Route Map Pro can be easily integrated with your ERP thus providing more efficiency and better visibility towards fleet management.

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