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From communication to shipping, profitability to back office systems, technology has swarmed each facet of the business world. Be that as it may, small to medium-sized organizations with vehicle fleets have an extra instrument readily available to revolutionize business with technology. Maximum access to the Global Positioning System (GPS) has given SMBs an approach to directly screen and manage their most vital resources – their vehicle fleets and individuals.

GPS tracking is not “new” a concept. It has been utilized by dynamic fleet owners for a considerable length of time. Early adopters of GPS innovation have given their organizations an edge over the contenders. As a result of its prompt unmistakable advantages, GPS tracking has rapidly gone mainstream. While people use GPS for regular purposes, business managers exploit fleet GPS keeping in mind the end goal to streamline the transportation procedure and, as a result, to spare cash. At Fleet view, we intend to catch the most applicable information from these three essential segments of fleet administration to set benchmarks for monitoring performance and in this manner impact positive changes to increase profitability.

Here are a few reasons, we at Fleetview believe that a comprehensive GPS softwarewill enable you to take care of our fleet vehicles so as for you to calm down your senses.

Live tracking

Since GPS following frameworks utilize satellites that ceaselessly communicate signals, the data obtained is real time, paying no heed to climatic conditions. It enables you to know the correct position of every vehicle at any time. You can track your fleet, if the vehicle is running or not, whether on the right track, etc. Dispatchers can have a review of the running vehicles and can coordinate with the vehicle which is nearest to the proposed address.


Security concerns can be mitigated and insurance costs reduced with fleet GPS tracking. Similarly like cell phone tracking, in the event that it’s lost or stolen, some vehicle tracking systems utilize the GPS technology to track the vehicles on the off chance that they get stolen or lost. Organizations that invest a considerable measure in large fleet require security against robberies. Few frameworks have the choice for remote control, cautions and warnings if the GPS tracker finds the vehicle outside the planned course.FleetView’s Route map pro brings about constant live location tracking to ease in the travel plan.

Risk Management

With a GPS tracker, you can, without much of a stretch,monitor the speed of the running vehicles in your fleet. This can guarantee that your staff isn’t driving too fast or too slow. GPS tracking enables to maintain a strategic fuel management and consequently undesired additional fuel costs. Besides, lack of respect of speed limits may prompt fines and accidents in the most pessimistic scenario. Fleet views risk management helps to anticipate the said risks and try to mitigate it before the journey begins. GPS monitoring enables insurance companies with accurate data in regards of any mishap.

Performance Measure

For transport and freight related companies, it is important to have data about the exact time of exit and entry of the vehicles, so they can effectively plan and utilize the workforce ideally. On account of GPS tracking, customers can be educated in precise terms when a sent cargo or package is delivered by carrier services at the booked site. Knowing the correct driving hours of your driver can help you in assessing their proficiency and performance, which would then be able to bring about higher paychecks.

Report Analysis

With GPS trackingand real time updates, you also have access to backup data of your corporate fleet. Driven distance and time spent, number of finished tasks, number of stops and the driving speed are recorded through GPS. Contingent upon the sort of GPS tracker, you can approach a wide range of data about how the vehicle is used. This information are to a great degree supportive for asset arranging, driving improvement and time plan administration. You can send out the information and make charts and examine, which will help your team to have a wide review of the fleet performance.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, GPS tracking not only proves itself to be resourceful but also brings about effective utilization of resources. Fleetview’s primary vision to have a safe journey for the driver, vehicle, and the goods is not only overlooked by GPS but also with their integrated systems which enables you to link it with your ERP software. With all the advancements in Driver management, Vehicle management and Risk factors relieved, one can concentrate on improving and expanding the business in near future.

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