The driver being the most crucial element of a supply chain, focusing on the driver-centric parameters is a priority at Fleetview. Driver Management Centre helps users access a whole new dimension of actionable insights related to the Driver and his role in the supply chain. It makes sure that you are notified and informed at all stages – before the journey, during the journey and post the journey.


Driver Performance Rating

DMC takes into consideration the most relevant parameters involving the Driver such as violation history, health condition, driver habits, risk trends and much more and comes up with a Driver Performance rating and ranking which can help you make an informed decision regarding driver allocation and management.

Driver Training

DMC also includes hands-on training and educating the driver regarding how the platform works and the roles and responsibilities he has to complete.

Driver Health Monitoring

DMC keeps an eye on the health of the drivers by ensuring that a complete health checkup is done at least every 5 months and that the driver is fit for the journey. This helps in eliminating errors caused by negligence towards Driver Health and helps reduce the risk of a massive loss due to the same.

Driver Incentive Program

DMC has innovated a Driver Incentive Program to ensure the efficient and dedicated functioning of your fleet drivers thus increasing the productivity of your fleet and maximize revenue.

Driver Fatigue Meter

Driver Fatigue Meter provides the users with a complete analysis of the factors that contribute to Driver Fatigue such as the time/km the driver has driven continuously, the amount of rest he has got, etc. This reduces the risk of accident or loss due to high fatigue levels in drivers.

Driver Counselling

DMC also provides an option of Driver Counselling and making sure that the Driver is in the correct state of mind before starting his journey. Mental health has direct correlation to driver safety and thus becomes a necessary element of DMC.

24/7 Driver Connect

DMC offers 24×7 Driver connectivity enabled by its infrastructure and dashboard to provide real-time inputs and directives for the driver as and when deemed necessary.

A 360 degrees Driver Analysis

Get access to a complete Driver Analysis report for your fleet to help you make informed decisions and eliminate unnecessary loss of time, money and resources.

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