Our Managing Director, Mr. Vikram Puri shares his thoughts and undertakings for Transworld’s bright future. It is redefining Telematics. Transworld proves this to be true, with two superlative solutions- Digital Tachograph and Mobile Eye; where the latter is bigger and better.

Covering an array of issues and shortcomings in the ever-so necessary transport world, Transworld slays with its power and efficiency. Be it analytics, road safety, failure assessments or precautionary measures, Transworld will do it all. “Reasonably priced, extremely effective and technologically way ahead of its times, Transworld has paved its way through corporates in the private sector to leading Militaries of the world”, quips Mr. Puri, MD, Transworld.

You can go over his views, thoughts and plans for Transworld, here:-
CV Magazine Aug 2008

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