In the Chemical supply chain industry, transportation proves to be a crucial area where businesses have to be extra careful and cautious as poor handling may result in huge losses as well as a threat to human life. Do you encounter issues when it comes to Fleet & Public Safety, Erratic Driver Habits, Accident Management, Vehicle Maintenance and Management, increased costs due to wrong routes, etc? Its time Fleetview steps in.

Fleetview Perspective

Fleetview with its experience and expertise coupled with analytics and telematics enables you to address these issues and helps you take charge of your fleet ensuring hassle free fleet management.

How it Works?

Fleetview’s comprehensive technology is powered by an award winning, best in class device called the Mobile EyeTM. Mobile Eye has tremendous capabilities that empower business to track, monitor and view date, time, speed, latitude, longitude and distance traveled by a vehicle continuously through Fleetview’s interactive dashboard. All the raw data is then analysed and reports are generated empowering you to turn your data into decisions.



Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

Get unprecedented and seamless access to your fleet’s whereabouts & status at all times through Fleetview’s Interactive Dashboard.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Monitor, Analyse and Reduce Loading & Unloading Delay, Route Delay, Journey delay and more by leveraging Fleetview’s expertise.

Fuel Management

Track and Manage your Fuel usage and expenses and optimize your fleet to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Fleet Safety & Maintenance

Ensure your fleet is safe, secure and maintained before, during the journey as well as post the journey and increase your asset lifecycle.

Accident Management Centre

Fleetview with its accident management module assists businesses in a situation of an incident with valuable insights such as Incident Data Recreation, Speed Time Analysis, and many more.

Insights Oriented Reporting

Fleetview provides you comprehensive reports which shed light on highly influencing factors such as Exception Analysis, Rapid Acceleration or Deceleration Analysis, Continuous Running & Night Driving Analysis.

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